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DRUMMM’s Founder and “Chief Rhythm Activator” Jeni Swerdlow has been facilitating drum circles and interactive rhythm experiences for up to 20K people a year for 23+ years.

DRUMMM’s events strengthen teams, promote well-being, enliven celebrations, empower families, and activate communitiesDiscover what DRUMMM can do for YOU!

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Monthly “2nd Sundays” East Bay Drummm Circle (Berkeley CA)

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Experience the power of DRUMMM from anywhere in the world. We are committed to providing powerful experiences with all the incredible benefits our events have to offer.

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Energize, motivate and sync up your team with rhythm while lowering stress, boosting morale, improving communication, and increasing productivity.

“10 out of 10!
DRUMMM perfectly tailored their rhythm event to our purpose, objectives and culture.”

-eBay Luminary Awards

“It was PERFECT!
This was the most fun our team has had in a long time. They are still talking about it, and using the experience as a metaphor on so many levels.”

- Google Inc. Leadership Summit

“AMAZING. They were professional, super flexible and helped us have a great time. Would absolutely recommend it! ”

- Facebook Design Team

“Wonderful! It was the perfect wrap up to our strategic planning, leaving us calm, focused and energized.”

- Stanford Graduate School of Business

“Definitely not your typical team-building event. We became a musical ensemble – working together towards one mission, creating one piece.”

- Intuit XD Team

“I was having a blast, totally forgot my surroundings. It’s an awesome experience, a great stress reliever. 100% fun.”

- Cisco Engineers Leadership Off-Site

Is the beat of the drum calling you?

Join a drum circle, class, or workshop and discover why drumming is “mmm, mmm…GOOD!”

Is the beat of the drum calling you?

Join a drum circle, class, or workshop and discover why drumming is “mmm, mmm…GOOD!”

Learn how to build community through rhythm!

Attend a Drum Circle Facilitator training

Become a Drum Circle Facilitator!

Learn from a Certified Village Music Circles Global Trainer

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