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In these unprecedented times, 42% of the U.S. labor force is now working remotely full time. Employees are more stressed and isolated than ever.

Experts agree that employee engagement is a key part of maintaining a successful business. Let DRUMMM help your team find a new groove with an interactive remote or safe in-person corporate event.

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Perfect for:

  • Staff development, trainings & retreats
  • Onsite/offsite business meetings
  • Corporate entertainment & celebrations
  • Conference keynotes & ice-breakers


  • Encourages teamwork, creativity, and collaboration
  • Reduces stress and boosts the immune system
  • Improves morale and increases productivity
  • Reduces burnout and increases employee retention

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“We chose DRUMMM to energize the group in the beginning of a long meeting – to get to know each other, to collaborate, to build, and to orchestrate music together. It was absolutely amazing!”

- Kaiser-Permanente Care Management Institute

“I was looking around watching everybody having fun, and synchronized to the drum beats. I was having a blast, totally forgot my surroundings. At the end I was feeling relaxed, amazing actually. It’s a pretty awesome experience, a great stress reliever. 100% fun.”

- Cisco Systems, ENG (Enterprise Networking Group)

“AMAZING. They were on time, professional, super flexible and helped us have a great time. They adjusted the program to meet our group’s needs. Would absolutely recommend! ”

- Facebook Design Team

“I can’t think of an activity that I would trade for fun and stress relief. We agreed that DRUMMM Circles are now “cutting edge,” and if you haven’t been to one yet, you’re kinda out of the loop!”

- GlaxoSmithKline, U.S. Vaccine Division

“It was really incredible. You got people moving, participating, connecting. You guys kept the energy going! Everyone felt involved and got really into it.”

- Shelter Co. Corporate Staff Retreat

“What a fabulous break between sessions on marketing and strategic planning! We were all energized and inspired as we forged new connections with each other through our instruments.”

- Illinois Arts Alliance, Annual Statewide Conference

What DRUMMM Provides

  • Results — We deliver an interactive rhythm event that’s guaranteed to meet your vision, mission, or event theme.
  • Expertise — We bring over 25 years of professional group facilitation and event planning experience.
  • Customization — Our events are adaptable to your specific circumstances.
  • Consultation — We are available every step of the way via phone, email or videochat.
  • Instruments — Choose from our extensive collection of drums, purchase our recommended instruments, or play whatever “found sounds” you have available.
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