Events for Kids & Families

It’s time to get off the screen and into the present moment! Help your child, family, students, or intergenerational group connect, create, and celebrate life through an interactive DRUMMM event.

We make the hands-on experience engaging, educational, and entertaining for all ages, grades, developmental levels, and abilities. Drumming is a fun way to build social and emotional skills, improve self-esteem, lower stress, and boost resilience.

Participants explore, play, and discover how rhythm activates the brain, encourages social and emotional learning, celebrates diversity, and reconnects us with each other and the world around us.

Perfect for:

  • Schools – Assemblies, Residencies, Special Events
  • Camps & Libraries
  • Family-Friendly Events
  • Intergenerational Groups
  • Private one-on-one & small group/family sessions


  • Build social & emotional skills
  • Improve behavior & self-esteem
  • Foster cooperation & teamwork
  • Reduce anxiety & overall stress
  • Creative nonverbal self-expression
  • Encourage a growth mindset

“Wow! You and your program are truly inspiring. To watch as all of our students, some who struggle, jumped right in and were completely engaged, was honestly one of my best memories of this school year. I was truly impressed and loved the program. Thank you, thank you!!!”

-Principal @ Mission High School

“DRUMMM brings enthusiasm, intention, and most of all, fun, into our Family Camp weekends. They create a warm, friendly atmosphere and skillfully engage children and parents alike.”

-Executive Director, YES Nature to Neighborhoods

 “As a long time educator I was very impressed with DRUMMM’s organization, facilitation, and inclusive leadership. I highly recommend schools include DRUMMM in weekly school meetings, for a regular classroom relationship building exercise, or to strengthen the team or community listening skills.”

-Director @ Alt School

“You and your DRUMMM team were fantastic! It was one of the best programs we’ve ever had. Everyone was so into it, children and adults alike. Thank you so much for a fun, energizing program.”

- Children's Librarian @ Livermore Library

“The families had a great time, and I thought it was really cool how you make the program interactive! I couldn’t help but jump in there with the families and feel the rhythm.”

- East Bay Regional Park District

What DRUMMM Provides

  • Results — We deliver an interactive rhythm event that’s guaranteed to meet your vision, mission, or event theme.
  • Expertise — We bring over 25 years of professional group facilitation and event planning experience.
  • Customization — Our events are adaptable to your specific circumstances.
  • Consultation — We are available every step of the way via phone, email or videochat.
  • Instruments — Choose from our extensive collection of drums, purchase our recommended instruments, or play whatever “found sounds” you have available.

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