Team building drumming workshops are the hot new trend in the corporate world today. They’re so new that many managers and employers may not have heard of them yet or know exactly what they are.

Below are some frequently asked questions about them, their logistics, and how they can help you in your business.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to invest in your employees and improve morale, we strongly suggest you dig deeper and learn more about this dynamic and transformative team-building experience.

What Are Team Building Drumming Workshops?

A team-building drumming workshop is an immersive rhythm experience that anyone can participate in. And you certainly don’t need to be a musical genius to reap the benefits of these workshops.

As they say, if you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm. You just have to get in touch with the part of you they can tap into that rhythm and grow from that experience – which is exactly what these workshops provide (among other things).

Team building drumming workshops are an interactive, in-the-moment, music-making experience.

You and your team members will sit in a circle and take turns playing drums, hand percussion instruments, and more under the guidance of a professional drumming workshop facilitator. They will guide you through rhythm games, creating a group rhythm, and explaining how the team-building drumming workshop experience is a simple yet accurate metaphor for succeeding and thriving in the modern workplace.

How Many People Can Attend A Drum Circle?

That depends on your needs and your budget. Some team-building drumming workshops are designed to accommodate hundreds of employees for major corporations in a large venue. 

Other facilitators provide a more intimate experience and can bring their equipment straight to your office so that you and your team members can experience team-building drumming workshops in a familiar space.

The best drumming workshop providers will work with you to tailor an experience that is unique to your needs at a price that’s good for your bottom line.

How Much Do Our Workshops Cost?

If you’d rather have a small, intimate experience with a handful of employees and your team building drumming workshops facilitator doesn’t have to travel far to accommodate you, you and your team members could reap the benefits of a drumming workshop for about $500-$1000.

If your business is much larger than that and you need to accommodate many employees all at once, it can get up into the thousands or even the tens of thousands of dollars.

The reason it gets so much more expensive is due to logistics such as the number of drums and other instruments required to accommodate your employees and things like the need to rent a larger venue. But if you have the budget and the desire to benefit from team-building drumming workshops, the expense can be well worth the cost.

What Are the Benefits of Drumming?

That’s an excellent question. Let’s start by discussing the physical and mental health benefits. Believe it or not, sitting in a circle with your peers and drumming on drums for an hour or two is a good upper body workout!

It’s scientifically proven to lower systolic blood pressure and produce more endorphins in the brain for better mental health – the same way regular exercise does. There are even some scientific trials that prove that team-building drumming workshops enhance mood and save corporations money by reducing employee burnout.

Workshops also enhance and add to the skill sets of your employees.

Drumming workshop exercises and activities help foster better listening, leadership, diversity, and creativity skills for you and your team members. Nurturing these skills with team-building drumming workshops helps create a more dynamic working environment in which your team members can thrive and enhance their productivity.

Best of all, remember how we mentioned earlier that team-building drumming workshops are scientifically proven to reduce employee burnout? That will save your business a ton of money thanks to an increase in employee retention and a reduction in new-hire training.

The health and wellness benefits can also reduce the time your employees take off work to take care of their personal needs, thereby boosting overall corporate productivity. 

What Sort of Activities Can Employers and Managers Expect?

Depending on the facilitator you hire and their level of experience with drum circle facilitation, there are several different team-building activities which team building drumming workshops can provide. These activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Smaller team-building drumming workshops designed for either individual departments or the entire workforce of a small business.
  • Team-building drumming workshops designed to enhance community spirit among your employees and help break the ice. These are great for departments that have a lot of new hires or who are experiencing challenges in their group dynamic.
  • Leadership-oriented team-building drumming workshops incorporate the use of percussion instruments in addition to drums as a playful way to explore and enhance leadership skills among upper management and their subordinates. 
  • Corporate team-building drumming workshops are usually for larger businesses who want to hold a multi-day retreat with different sorts of team-building exercises for their employees to attend. They’re specifically tailored to help foster the corporate culture and values of your business among your team members and communicate the importance of a strong corporate culture to the survival of your enterprise. Many team members report coming away from retreats like this with a renewed sense of purpose and desire to accomplish their professional goals.

Now that you know a little bit more about team-building drumming workshops, you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not DRUMMM Rhythmic Events is right for you.

Jeni Swerdlow, founder, and chief rhythm activator has worked with major companies including Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook (among others) during her 20+ years of facilitating rhythmic events for clients all across the globe.

Online drum circle events and social distance outdoor workshops are also available for employers and managers who want to facilitate team-building drumming workshops while also keeping their team members safe and healthy.  Book your drum circle today!