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Looking for innovative ways to engage and connect your team?

Energize, motivate and sync up your team with rhythm while lowering stress, boosting morale, improving communication, and increasing productivity.

Events for Companies

Want to unify and empower your community group with a mind-body wellness practice?

These events utilize the HealthRHYTHMS® protocol, scientifically shown to benefit participants seeking personal growth, rehabilitation, and self-care.

Events for Community Support

Want to bring your celebration to the next level?

Our interactive entertainment engages and unites guests of all ages in a joyful, memorable music-making experience.

Events for Celebrations

Looking for ways that children and families can connect, create, and reduce stress?

Participants of all ages explore, play and discover rhythm activities that activate the brain, encourage social and emotional learning, and lower stress.

Events for Kids & Families

What DRUMMM Provides

  • Results — We deliver an interactive rhythm event that’s guaranteed to meet your vision, mission, or event theme.
  • Expertise — We bring over 25 years of professional group facilitation and event planning experience.
  • Customization — Our events are adaptable to your specific circumstances.
  • Consultation — We are available every step of the way via phone, email or videochat.
  • Instruments — Choose from our extensive collection of drums, purchase our recommended instruments, or play whatever “found sounds” you have available.
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