Upcoming Drummm Events (April-Sept 2019)

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Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation Seminar (5/11/19 in Berkeley, CA)

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UNIVERSAL DRUMMING – 4 session series (May-June 2019)

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Stanford Live presents free DRUMMM workshop for teachers on 3/27/19

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UNIVERSAL DRUMMING – 6 Session Series with Jeni Swerdlow (March-April 2019)

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Rhythm Renewal Daylong Retreat (2/2/19)

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Upcoming Community DRUMMM Events (Oct-Dec 2018)

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BEAT, EAT & BE MERRY! Holiday Celebration Drummm Circle

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Master Drummer Bolokada Condé Workshops in Berkeley (12/08/18)

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UNIVERSAL DRUMMING 4-Session Series (Nov/Dec 2018)

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