From DRUMMM Rhythmic Events Founder & “Chief Rhythm Activator” Jeni Swerdlow:

We want to reassure all of our groups and potential clients that we’re taking important steps to protect your health and ensure that our DRUMMM programs are as safe as possible:

  1. We sanitize all of our instruments between programs with disinfectants recently listed by the EPA as approved to kill the coronavirus.
  2. We provide approved hand sanitizer and wipes at all our events.
  3. We’re avoiding any activities where people share or trade instruments.
  4. We’re not facilitating any activities where people have any physical contact with each other such as tapping hands with somebody next to them or playing on each other’s drums.

What we are doing is providing uplifting programs that support enhanced immune system activity for our participants.  We’re committed to providing positive, safe and healthy experiences with all of the incredible benefits our programs offer.

So wash your hands, get plenty of rest, be kind to each other – and be well, until we BEAT again!!