Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation
with Jeni Swerdlow & John Yost

February 6th, 2021 on Zoom

11 AM – 3 PM PST (Pacific U.S.)
1 PM – 5 PM CT (Central U.S.)

One, Two – Let’s All Play!
Learn and practice the basics of drum circle and rhythm-based event facilitation

Join a 4-hour virtual event to introduce and practice key elements of in-person drum circle event facilitation. Jeni Swerdlow (DRUMMM Rhythmic Events) and John Yost (Rhythm Revolution) will host this introductory Playshop on Zoom.

Village Music Circles™ Drum Circle Facilitation Programs distill the challenge of rhythm-based event management into layers built on one exercise at time.

This Playshop will deliver:

– Hands-on practice for all participants

– Steps to create successful rhythm-based events

– VMC facilitation tools and techniques with built-in practice time

– Basic facilitator rhythm fundamentals (count in, count out, mark pulse, etc.)

Get familiar with basic facilitator skills like pulse and phrasing. Learn how to start, stop and sculpt grooves while moving a group toward its highest musical potential. Or just have fun and make the world a more musical place!

This Playshop is also a helpful refresher for experienced facilitators who’ve been on hiatus for the past several months due to Covid restrictions.

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$65 Early Bird Discount (thru 1/22)
$75 Regular Rate (from 1/23)

Your fee ALSO counts toward a deposit for registration of a 3-Day in-person Playshop event to be held later this year. It is our way to build momentum and keep the fires stoked during this transition period created by Covid.

This program was pioneered by Village Music Circles (VMC) Founder Arthur Hull after 50 years in the field and is co-authored by Jim Boneau.

Jeni Swerdlow
and John Yost are VMC Certified Global Trainers with over 40 years combined facilitation experience. This program is taught all over the world.After hosting many recent online events, we believe the Zoom online platform is a convenient tool to learn and practice basic drum circle facilitation skills. Note: we will not be focusing on how to facilitate online events, though your online skill set will also grow.

This Playshop is for:

Music Therapists
Music Teachers & Educators
Group Leaders & Presenters
Community Organizers
Musicians & Drummers
Mental Health Counselors
Counselors & Social Workers
Youth Counselors and Kids-at-risk Professionals
Activity Directors for Seniors
Health and Wellness Professionals
Trainers & Facilitators
Ministers & Spiritual Leaders
Life Coaches
Anyone seeking inspiration & new skills

What Playshop Participants Say:

Engaging, supportive, infectious, life-affirming, FUN!

I received inspiration, confidence, new ideas and approaches to share with the people I work with.

I learned that drum circles are a great way to build community and camaraderie through an easy, quick-to-learn activity.

Register NOW!

Participants will receive Zoom info and additional Playshop info prior to the event.

Questions? Contact Jeni Swerdlow – [email protected] or 510-316-2850, or John Yost – [email protected] or 773-802-0605.

Learn more about Jeni Swerdlow & DRUMMM Rhythmic Events at Learn more about John Yost & Rhythm Revolution at