Saturday May 11, 2019
1-5 PM
Gamelan Sekar Jaya, 3023 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California 94705

One, Two, Let’s All Play! Join DRUMMM Rhythmic Events Founder & Chief Rhythm Activator Jeni Swerdlow, MA-ATR for an afternoon packed with information and hands-on facilitation experiences. Designed to give participants the confidence, tools and inspiration necessary to facilitate a rhythm-based event and build their own rhythm community.

Village Music Circles™ impactful and exciting learning experiences are for anyone seeking to use music as a joyful tool to empower and unite people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Join the fun and learn how you can . . . Build Your Community Through Rhythm!

Learn how to start and stop a groove, sculpt music in the moment, generate group enthusiasm and bring the group to its highest musical potential.

This workshop is for:

Music Therapists
Music Teachers
Group Leaders & Presenters
Musicians & Drummers
Music Conductors
Community Organizers
Counselors & Social Workers
Youth Activities Organizers
Community Groups & Families
Kids-at-risk Professionals
Trainers & Facilitators
Medical Professionals
Corporate Trainers
Ministers & Spiritual Leaders
Life Coaches
Anyone seeking inspiration & new skills

Please bring a drum and a handheld percussion instrument if possible, there will be extras available.

Cost is $80 before April 26, $95 after April 26, $110 at the door. Space is limited to 25 people.


About Jeni Swerdlow:

Percussionist & registered art therapist Jeni Swerdlow, MA-ATR is a dynamic and engaging facilitator, trainer, presenter & performer. Founding DRUMMM® Rhythmic Events in 2000, her popular facilitated drum circles & interactive rhyhtm events engage 10,000 participants a year at a variety of events in the U.S. & abroad. She is a REMO-Endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator, Certified Village Music Circles Facilitator, and trained HealthRHYTHMS & Rhythm2Recovery Facilitator. Jeni is best known for her innovative strategies & playful attitude that inspire participants to find their rhythm with ease. Clients include Google, Facebook, eBay & Oprah Winfrey, as well as universities, conferences, festivals, schools & more. Learn more about Jeni’s events for team-building, wellness, celebration & recreation at