What if there were a fun activity that you could get your employees to engage in that simultaneously helps them be better employees and improves their health? And what if that activity were both cost-effective and proven by science? If you’re intrigued, then get ready to learn all about the health benefits of drumming workshops for team building.

Believe it or not, yes, hosting a drumming workshop or hiring a company to facilitate a drumming workshop can make your workspace a healthier place for your employees to work and thrive. Below, we’re going to explore the specific health benefits of drumming workshops for team building – as well as the science that proves it!

Science Has Proven the Health and Wellness Benefits of Drumming Workshop for Team Building

Yes, that’s right, we said science. Believe it or not, scientists have been studying the health benefits of drumming workshop for team building since 1994 (if not earlier). As it turns out, there is a lot of information out there about how this simple corporate team-building exercise can work to improve your employees’ health.

Physical Health Benefits of Drumming Workshops

For starters, let’s talk about how there are several scientific studies proving efficacy. One of the health benefits of drumming workshops for team building is boosting the immune system.

A 2001 study published in the Journal of Alternative Therapy saw a boost in NK (“natural killer”) cell activity in the experimental group who drummed, and no such activity in the control group who didn’t.

A 2007 study published in The Medical Science Monitor found similar results for health benefits of drumming workshop for team building, and also detected lower levels of the stress-induced cytokine interleukin-10 in the body.

More recently, in 2016, the journal Plos One published similar findings showing a boost in immune function among office workers who had attended group drumming workshops.

Other health benefits of drumming workshop for team building include improving cardiovascular health. A 2014 study published in The Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine found that a single, 40-minute drumming session was able to lower systolic blood pressure by more than 10 points on average in middle-aged adults.

And those are the health benefits of drumming workshop for team building that employees experienced after just one session. Imagine how significant the health benefits could be if you hold regular drumming sessions for your employees! 

It’s overwhelming how many people suffer from chronic pain these days. But, according to science, there are also health benefits of drumming workshop for team building with regard to chronic pain.

A study published recently in the Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing discovered that drumming workshops are great for increasing the production of endorphins and morphine-like painkillers that the body is capable of producing on its own.

These special neurotransmitters are known as “endogenous opiates”, and the more of them you can get your body to make, the less severe your chronic pain.

Taking off time from work for chronic pain management is one of the most costly expenses businesses face today. So it makes sense to try and offset those potential expenses with an affordable drumming workshop session.  

So how, exactly, are there so many health benefits of drumming workshop for team building? It may have something to do with our genome.

In 2005, The Medical Science Monitor published a study showing that music-making activities such as drumming workshops reversed 19 out of 45 gene markers associated with the stress response in the human body.

But it’s not just our physical health where we can find health benefits of drumming workshop for team building. It also has fantastic benefits for our mental health as well. Naturally, this has a ton of potential to help improve contentment and wellness for employees in the workplace.

Mental Health Benefits of Drumming Workshops

A study published in The International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship from 2004 as well as a clinical trial published in the Journal of Advances in Mind- Body Medicine show significant reductions in employee burnout with drumming workshops.

In the 2004 study, drawing workshops helped test subjects improve their mood by more than 28%. The data also concluded that if the health benefits of drumming workshop for team building were implemented across the country, US nursing schools could save themselves over $29 million in lost revenue that results from employee burnout.

The clinical trial, which was a six-session protocol implemented for long term care workers, was so effective at reducing employee burnout that the study estimated a potential savings of $1.46 billion for the long-term care industry.

Imagine how much money your business could save by implementing these strategies in order to improve the mental wellness of your employees and increase team member retention! 

There are so many amazing studies on the health and wellness benefits of meditation that it’s impossible to list them all.

One of the ways meditation helps improve mental well-being is by shifting your brain waves into an alpha state. Alpha brain waves are emitted by the human mind when we are in a state of calm, conscious relaxation.

But guess what else helps your brain emit alpha brain waves besides meditation? You guessed it: drumming workshops! 

Then there’s the concept of “synchronicity”.

Have you been experiencing a tense group dynamic in your office lately? Or are you worried that your employees aren’t working well together due to a general lack of connection? 

Drumming workshops are great for alleviating these problems.

When your team members sit down together in a drumming workshop, facilitators help them get into a comfortable position where they can feel one another’s rhythm and flow.

Synchronicity has the power to create stronger bonds between the people who work for you and help them relate to one another on a deeper level.

Even after just one session, many employers have been singing the praises of drumming workshops thanks to higher levels of intraoffice coordination and productivity from team members who are happier to work with one another.

How Can You Utilize the Health Benefits of Drumming Workshop for Team Building?

If you’re trying to do this on a budget, you could do some research online and try to figure out how to facilitate a drumming workshop for team building on your own. But you’ll get the real health benefits of drumming workshop for team building if you hire a professional organization like DRUMMM Rhythmic Events to facilitate your next corporate team-building exercise.

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