What Is A Drum Circle?

A drum circle is a hands-on, in-the-moment music-making experience in which participants play drums and/or percussion together in rhythm, often in a circle or concentric circles.

What Is A Drum Circle Facilitator?

A drum circle facilitator (DCF) serves the group by making it easy for participants to engage in the music-making, find their individual and group rhythm, connect to themselves and each other, and achieve their highest musical and group potential.

What Are The Benefits Of Group Drumming?

The documented benefits of group drumming are MANY. They include stress reduction, improved immune system and brain functioning, enhanced mood, improved morale and burnout reduction in the workplace, etc. READ MORE

What’s Special About A DRUMMM Event?

Having facilitated several hundred events with many thousands of participants for nearly 20 years, we’re experts at making every event we do engaging, meaningful and fun for any type of group or occasion. We understand how to tailor our content to your objectives and adapt the program in the moment so that our event hits home every time.

How Do Your Various Programs (TeamBEAT™, LifeBEAT™, JoyBEAT™, OneBEAT™) Differ?

Each program is designed to focus on specific objectives or desired outcomes, e.g. team-building, health & wellness, celebration, community engagement. We also consider factors like age, ability, theme, location, etc. with every event we do.

Do I Have To Be A “Drummer” To Participate In A DRUMMM Event?

No prior drumming or musical experience is needed to participate fully in a DRUMMM event. We’ll show you everything you need to know to find and release your inner drummer with ease!

What If I Don’t Have Any Rhythm?

If you have a heartbeat you have rhythm! Trust us on this one. We’ll prove it to you.

Do I Need To Own A Drum?

We provide drums and percussion for everyone to play, though you’re welcome to bring your own.

Why Does DRUMMM Have 3 M’s?

Because we make drumming mmm, mmm…GOOD!

How Many Drums Does DRUMMM Actually Own?

Our kit currently contains over 800 drums and percussion, and is always growing!

What Do I Need To Host A DRUMMM Event?

A large room or outdoor space where we can be LOUD, plus adequate seating for participants (i.e. straight-back chairs  or space on the floor, lawn, etc.).

How Long Does A Typical DRUMMM Event Usually Last?

Our most popular events are 60-90 minutes, though we can adapt our event to suit your needs. 15-20 minute Icebreakers/Energizers are common, as are 30-45 minute events for kids and families. For a deeper experience we offer 2+ hour programs, half-day, full-day events and a multi-session series.

How Much Does A DRUMMM Event Cost?

Pricing is based on a number of factors, including group size, type of event, location, event length, etc. CONTACT US NOW FOR A PRICE QUOTE.

Do You Sell Drums?

We offer drums and percussion “take-aways” as an added feature for the participants of your event. Instruments can be branded with your company or event logo for a personal touch. We also often have drums and percussion for sale at our public events.

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