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A weekend getaway for you to relax and release. Spend three days and two nights doing yoga, dancing, drumming, walking, napping, breathing!! It seems almost too good to be true, but it’s real.

Life’s demands come from every direction and it’s a struggle to find a moment of peace where you don’t have to immediately jump to the next obligation. It’s as if you’re on the proverbial hamster wheel of life, going round and round, catering to others’ needs so much that you’ve forgotten about your SELF and how to have FUN!

​How does having a WHOLE weekend to RECENTER, RENEW and CONNECT with other women sound?

That hamster wheel isn’t going anywhere! Hit the PAUSE button on the endless cycle of work, step off the wheel and join this weekend away where you can slow down, breathe more deeply, refocus on your own needs and lean into PLAY and JOY!!!

DRUMMM’s founder Jeni Swerdlow will be leading the Rhythm Renewal Drummm circle on Saturday evening!

More details are on the Hearts Alive Yoga website, including cost and other FAQs.

Our favorite thing about the retreat: “You will move your body, grow aware of what needs to be released in your life and that which you wish to bring in more of. You will let go, remember what JOY is, laugh, take care of yourself and reconnect with the healing power of nature.”

Don’t we all need more of that!

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