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The Futures Forum Presents ~ In honor of World Faith Harmony Week: 

Saturday February 5th ~Virtual on Zoom
4:45-5:30pm EST (Eastern US/Canada)

Facilitated by Jeni Swerdlow, MA-ATR
Founder & “Chief Rhythm Activator” at DRUMMM Rhythmic Events

This online interactive rhythm event will close the two day forum “Cultivating Care For Our Planet & Our Cosmos”. Curated by Rev. Dr. Claire Nelson.
No drums or prior musical experience are required. Prepare to be uplifted as we connect with one another through the rhythm of the heartbeat!
The Forum will explore how the faith community might help reset and co-create spiritual, ethical and moral tenets to help leaders respond to complex sustainability challenges within the constructs of remaining true to their respective faiths.
The Forum will serve as an opportunity to bring together members of the faith community across all religions as well as none to explore how we might engage with government to address ongoing and emerging challenges that demand a reframing of spiritual, ethical and moral leadership.
On Saturday, February 5, we will dive into practice – rites and rituals that help us to a deeper awareness and appreciation of sacred ecology. Offerings include Songwriting, Contemplative Poetry, Altar Creation, Mandala Meditation, and Drumming for the Earth.
The entire 2-day event is FREE on Zoom