This May, Yasuyo Yamaguchi from Chiba, near Tokyo, Japan, joins the DRUMMM Team as an intern. Visiting San Francisco for 6 months to study English at Intrax International Institute, Yasuyo will be working “hands-on” with DRUMMM at events and behind the scenes for the next two months. A super smart, outgoing and accomplished drummer and computer programmer, here’s what Yasuyo had to say…
What made you decide to some to the U.S. to study English?|

One of my dreams was to go abroad studying English. Talking English with people can expand horizons. I can learn and see many things. Someday I want to work for an international company so that I can communicate with more people.
Why San Francisco?
Two years ago I visited S.F. for sightseeing and I made a lot of friends here. I like San Francisco–the weather, the people, the nice view. That’s why I decided to study here instead of Canada or Australia.
Out of all the businesses in S.F., why did you want to work for DRUMMM?
I play with a marching band in Japan, and was teaching children. (Actually, Yasuyo is the director of her marching band, but she is very modest). So when I heard about DRUMMM, I was excited! I can attend many events and meet different people. I enjoy event planning, such as for travel or parties. I like making people smile. I want to contribute to people’s happiness, smiling and having a good time.
What do you like to do in your free time?
Many things! When I’m not drumming, I like to hang out with my friends, read books at the café or library, and go snowboarding. I like to teach, especially children, how we can make sounds on the drum.
Come meet Yasuyo in person and be part of the international rhythm collaboration! Check the Calendar and join the DRUMMM circle orchestra!