DRUMMM Sound Healing Workshop: Rhythms for Transformation
September 15th, 7-9pm
Chicago, IL

Join Jeni Swerdlow and friends in a hands-on journey into the rhythms of life, breath and the heartbeat. Playing an array of large and small drums and percussion instruments from around the world, we will explore sound textures and dynamics, discover the space between the notes, and develop rhythms for transformation. Please bring a small drum, flute, string or percussion instrument if you have one. There will be extras to play. No musical experience is necessary to participate.

Location: 4517 W Schubert Ave., Chicago, IL
Cost: $20 in advance. $25 at the door.
Registration: Contact Becky @ 773-342-2173 to register.

Info: https://drummm.com/

About the Facilitator:

Percussionist and art therapist Jeni Swerdlow is a dynamic and engaging drum circle facilitator, trainer, presenter, and performer. Since 2000, Jeni’s interactive DRUMMM events have captivated thousands of participants at hundreds of events in the United States and abroad. She is best known for her playful attitude and innovative strategies for that inspire drumming with freedom and confidence among diverse populations.