PASSION OF THE BEAT concert June 18, San Francisco, CA. 8pm


Actioning Your Brilliance!
Ready to be BRILLIANT? Ready to be RHYTHMITIZED? Ready to be PASSIONATE?
Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) sponsors a benefit concert/event for Lakota Native American Wolakota organization of Chief Arvol Looking Horse and YOU will want to be there.
Rickie-Byers Beckwith, Michael Bernard Beckwith (The Secret), Freddie Ravel (Grammie artist), Faith Rivera, Steve McCarty of the Steve Miller Band, Christine Stevens, Jeni Swerdlow (DRUMMM), and many more local San Francisco artists team up to create a ceremony of transformation, empowerment, and social change.


Bring a DRUM! Sing your SOUL!


When: 8pm June 18, Drum circle pre-show at 7:45pm


Where: Palace Hotel, 2 Montgomery Street. San Francisco, CATickets: $50.00 each/ $80.00 per couple.


More information: 310-642-1138. Check out HUB website for more information and to learn more about Actioning your Brilliance Conference and speakers.


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