Using escape rooms as a team-building exercise to enhance productivity and employee cohesion has been gaining popularity in recent years. But it looks like there’s a new challenger on the horizon that wants to take their place. This new team building exercise is known as drumming team building, and it’s coming to an office near you (if you haven’t attended one already). But what are these drum circle exercises? What’s all the hype about? Are they really better than hosting an escape room in your corporate office, or taking your team on a field trip to an escape room near you?

Let’s compare these two practices so that you can make a better decision about what your next successful team building corporate event will be.

Escape Rooms for Team-Building: Pros and Cons

If you’re trying to build a stronger, happier, more efficient team of employees, are escape rooms the way to go?

Well, in order to figure out how strong of a competitor drum circles can be, it’s important to perform a cost-benefit analysis of why escape rooms have become so popular in recent years. 

First, there are the obvious benefits:

  • Escape rooms help you discover strengths and weaknesses in your corporate team so that your employees can leverage their unique, individual skills in order to help the team perform better
  • Escape rooms help emphasize the importance of everyone working together and cooperating in order to accomplish their shared goals successfully
  • Escape rooms help build trust between employees so that interpersonal resentments get minimized and labor output gets maximized
  • Escape rooms help you get to know your team members better (and help them get to know each other better) so that everyone can discover skills they never knew they had and apply them to their daily office duties
  • The bottom line is: escape rooms are fun, and happy employees are more likely to be productive and less likely to lead to employee turnover 

However, there are disadvantages to asking your employees, clients, or both to join you on an escape room excursion. Those include:

  • They can be expensive. Depending on the distance traveled, the number of team members invited, accommodations, and more, an escape room excursion could cost thousands of dollars or more
  • They’re not fun for everybody. Not all of your employees may enjoy mysteries or solving puzzles (outside of the workplace, anyhow)
  • Sometimes, conflicts arise. If the facilitator isn’t well-trained or if the escape room puzzle is too difficult, it could cause more team conflicts and problems than it solves

Yes, escape rooms for corporate team-building are an exciting new activity that probably won’t be going away anytime soon. But how do all of these attributes of escape rooms – both the benefits and disadvantages – compare with drumming team building workshops?

Let’s switch gears for a minute to analyze how drum circles can help you and your business.

Why Drumming Team Building Could Soon Eclipse Corporate Escape Rooms

So far, we’ve discussed all of the benefits that escape rooms can provide employees and organizations alike. How could drumming team building possibly compete?

Well, as it turns out, drum circle workshops actually have a very competitive edge that could bring a drum circle to an office near you before you know it.

Let’s take a minute to talk about all the ways a drum circle can be a more attractive option for businesses and employers who want to foster more team-building among their employees.

They’re More Cost-Effective

Drumming team building is exploding as an industry right now – which means that the abundance of competition works in the favor of managers and employers like you. Companies and facilitators that offer drumming team-building workshops have to price their service competitively in order to win your business.

In most major cities, it’s easy to search online for a local facilitator or drum circle provider that can come in and facilitate an hour or two of drumming exercises for less than $1,000.

More often than not, facilitators will bring their own equipment so that you don’t have to pay to purchase or rent any musical instruments. 

Keep in mind that prices will vary based on a number of circumstances. Those circumstances include:

  • How many employees will be attending the drumming team building circle (and number of drums they’ll be transporting)
  • The distance the facilitator you hire has to travel to facilitate your drumming team building events
  • How often you want to host a drumming team building circle
  • The level of experience your facilitator has
  • And more

Escape rooms, on the other hand, can cost upwards of $5,000 depending on how far your employees have to travel in order to attend, where the escape room is located, what the venue charges, and whether or not you help your employees with transportation costs.

So if you’re a smaller business with a tight budget for investing in your people, a drum circle session is clearly a superior option.

Drumming Team Building Circles Are Highly Effective

Right now you’re probably asking yourself at least some (if not all of the following questions):

  • What, exactly, is a drumming team building circle?
  • How does a drumming team building circle teach employees leadership skills and team building strategies?
  • How do drumming team building circles build corporate culture?
  • How do drumming team building circles help you and your business meet the demands of today’s post-millennium business world?

The answers to these questions are surprisingly simple. Drumming team building circles are effective because they tap into ancient practices that evolved over thousands of years.

A well-trained facilitator will not only lead the group activity, but help your team members process the drumming experience in a way that strengthens corporate culture and helps them realize their leadership potential.

Metaphors are heavily incorporated to help your employees connect the lessons they learn while drumming to their daily, real-life experience – both in the office and everywhere else.

Drumming Team Building Circles Help Alleviate Burnout

There are several reasons why your team members may suffer from burnout every now and again. Those include:

  • Neglecting to take time off from work when appropriate. Workaholism or other forms of failing to disengage and recharge from daily business can tire any employee out. But attending a drumming team building circle has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and release more endorphins in the brain, alleviating burnout and fatigue.
  • Frustration with coworkers due to ineffective communication skills. Talented facilitators use drumming team building circles to help teach employees about effective communication tools they can use in the office. It makes these lessons easy to understand with the use of metaphors that connect the drumming team building experience to your team members’ everyday life experience.
  • Health and wellness deficits in their life outside of the workplace. Unfortunately, many office jobs these days are fairly sedentary and taxing on one’s mental energy. Your team members may not have many opportunities to physically exercise or take care of their emotional wellness. This can often lead to burnout. But not only are drumming team building circles a healthy, energizing form of exercise that literally have the power to reduce chronic pain and blood pressure, scientific research has proven that it can reduce other markers of poor mood and emotional distress as well.

Based on burnout alleviation, high efficacy rates, and the low cost, it’s easy to see why drumming team building circles are becoming a highly utilized practice in the corporate world today.

Many forward-thinking managers and employers are breaking from old traditions and improving the lives and productivity of their employees with drumming team building circles. 

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