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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drum circle?2021-01-24T20:27:55-08:00

A hands-on, in-the-moment, music-making experience in which participants play drums and/or percussion together in rhythm, often in a circle or concentric circles.

What is a drum circle facilitator?2021-01-24T20:42:46-08:00

A drum circle facilitator (DCF) guides participants in connecting with each other, finding their individual and group rhythms, and achieving their highest musical and group potential. If you’d like to become a facilitator, read about our powerful training programs! Learn more

How long does a typical DRUMMM event usually last?2021-01-27T11:20:20-08:00

Our most popular events are 60 to 90 minutes. Fifteen- to 30-minute icebreakers/energizers are also common, as are 30- to 60-minute events for kids and families. For a deeper experience we offer 2+-hour events and multi-session series.

What size groups does DRUMMM work with?2021-01-27T11:20:36-08:00

DRUMMM events typically range from 5-500+ participants. Our events are scalable, so we can serve literally any size group. 

Where do in-person DRUMMM events occur?2021-01-27T11:20:47-08:00

DRUMMM will come to the location of your choosing. Bay Area cities we service include San Francisco, South Bay/Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Redwood City), East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Livermore), Napa, Sonoma, Marin, and Solano Counties. We also travel throughout California, the U.S. and abroad.

What do I need to host a remote DRUMMM event?2021-01-27T11:20:56-08:00

Join us on Zoom or your preferred digital platform using your computer, tablet or smartphone. A stable internet connection is needed. An ethernet connection is recommended. Headphones or earbuds are advised for the best possible listening experience. We can help your group optimize sound settings.

Do I have to be a drummer or own drums to participate?2021-01-27T11:21:13-08:00

No prior drumming, musical experience or instruments are required to participate in a DRUMMM event. We’ll show you everything you need to know and can provide instruments. (Our kit contains over 800 drums and percussion!) You can also purchase drums from us or play “found sounds” using everyday objects from your environment. We offer drums and percussion take-aways that can be branded to your company or event as an added feature. Learn more 

What’s special about a DRUMMM event?2021-01-27T11:21:27-08:00

Having facilitated several thousand successful events for over 20 years, we’re experts at making every event — for every type of group or occasion, — engaging, meaningful and fun. We can customize our content to meet your objectives — whether that is team-building, health and wellness, empowerment, celebration, or community engagement — and can seamlessly adapt in the moment so that your message hits home every time. We also consider factors such as age, ability, mission, theme, values, and location in planning every event.

What are the benefits of group drumming?2021-01-27T11:21:38-08:00

Among many benefits are stress reduction, improved immune system and brain functioning, enhanced mood, and improved morale and reduced burnout in the workplace. Learn more

How much does a DRUMMM event cost?2021-01-27T11:22:01-08:00

Pricing is based on group size, type of event, location, event length, and other factors. Contact us for a price quote

Why does DRUMMM have 3 M’s?2021-01-27T11:22:14-08:00

Because we make drumming mmm, mmm…GOOD!

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